Short wave infrared heaters

Sopara’s short-wave infrared heaters are known for:

its energy performance
Its robustness
Its very short inertia (1 second!)
Its easy and precise regulation
Its power range


Low power […]

Power control cabinet

Power variation of infrared panels: Automatic or manual regulation according to your needs. The electrical cabinet, designed and created by Sopara, allows you to regulate your Infrared panels in order […]


Ultraviolet sources Ultraviolet rays are an electromagnetic radiation capable of breaking molecular bonds through a photochemical effect. Performance Low energy power (a few tenths of W/cm²) Low penetration into the material to […]

Heating elements

Heating elements  Air heating Straight elements (bendable if needed) Finned heating elements Air duct heaters for rectangular duct Air duct heaters for circular duct Heating units ATEX heating units   […]