Our last standard infrared oven for paint drying. Ultra compact ! 

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Power control cabinet

Power variation of infrared panels: Automatic or manual regulation according to your needs. The electrical cabinet, designed and created by Sopara, allows you to regulate your Infrared panels in order […]

Spheres of competence

Throughout the years, our spheres of competence grew wider and wider thanks to the acknowledgment of the infrared technology in the industry. Today, Sopara is a leader in the infrared technology and offers a thermal appraisal related to almost every field of the industry.


Lacquer and varnish curing on glass Compact equipment using infrared or ultraviolet Prototyping oven and production oven Very fast drying and curing : 2 to 5 minutes Very low energy […]


  Drying and polymerization of water-based coating Realization of pre-impregnated material and polymerization of different coatings (acrylic paints, resins…) High-performance short-wave or medium-wave infrared with low inertia Compact equipment with integrated […]

Drying and Curing of Coatings

The Sopara Infrared Tunnels and ovens designed for Paint Curing, Infrared Drying Paint and Powder Paint Gelling are already used the largest European companies . Here are our skills: Water-based […]


  Electric infrared oven for oak toasting   Conveyor oven for oak toasting (staves) Double-zone medium-wave infrared heating : roasting and temperature maintenance Conveyor with adjustable speed Temperature control with an optical […]


Infrared technology is increasingly used in the food industry: roasting, crusting, braising, cooking, stabilization … Our range of infrared products is ajustable to your process (temperature, cooking time, product appearance). […]

Every new project is a challenge that we are willing to take in collaboration with you. Each of your products is unique and needs a specific and adapted solution. Our trial laboratory allows us to validate the effectiveness of infrared technology on your product.

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  • JEC 2022

SOPARA will be in JEC 2022 in Paris!

Hall 5 – Stand E70

SOPARA will present its solutions for […]

  • Sopara CFIA1

SOPARA will participate in EUROPACK EUROMANUT CFIA in Lyon

Hall 7 – Stand U18

SOPARA will present its solutions for […]

SOPARA will participate in COMPOSITES EUROPE 2019 Stuttgart

SOPARA will participate in Composites Europe 2019 Stuttgart– Germany from […]

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