SOPARA is the leader in Infrared ovens for all industries.




SOPARA designs and manufactures customisable industrial infrared oven. Our range of products and spheres of competences include: infrared ovens on conveyor, infrared tunnels, infrared curing ovens, infrared drying ovens, infrared melting ovens, infrared pre-gelling ramps, and many other…We mainly use electric infrared (shortwave and medium wave infrared) as heating technology . The choice of the wavelength is specific to your product and is determined by tests made in our laboratory.Infrared technology helps you save energy compared to conventional hot air ovens. The energy consumption of Sopara infrared oven is optimized by:

  • The physics of infrared waves that goes through the air without heating it up and heats the product only up.
  • The technology developed today by Sopara is called “fast response” (thermal inertia time is 1 to 10 seconds). This allows us to regulate the temperature on the product with a high accuracy.
  • Our appraisal in control systems and PLCs allows us to heat up your product with a controlled temperature accuracy avoiding heat losses.

Contact us for any inquiry, our sales engineers will help you to design the infrared oven or tunnel you need according to your product and your cycle time.