• Drying of mechanical parts
  • Drying of textile (coatings)
  • Drying of printing ink on sheetfed offset machines
  • Drying of liquid paint
  • Drying of powder paint
  • Drying and hardening of coatings


  • Curing of liquid paint
  • Curing of powder paint
  • Curing of thermoset materials
  • Polymerization of coatings
  • Polymerization of glues and resins


  • Softening of plastic materials
  • Bonding and crosslinking
  • Pre-heating of parts
  • Gelling of plastic materials
  • Heating of tools

Braising, broiling & pasteurization

  • Thermal treatment for the food industry
  • Marking and braising of meet products
  • Broiling of ready-cooked dishes
  • Broiling of pizzas and sandwiches
  • Pasteurization of packaged products