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Short-wave Infrared Orthopedic Oven

Short-wave Infrared Orthopedic Oven

  • Designed specifically for orthopedics by thermal professionals.
  • Fast and even instantaneous heat over the entire surface of the oven without the need for preheating.
  • Very precise regulation (via PID controller) of the product temperature from 30 to 250°C
  • Ecological oven with high energy saving

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3 Standard models

Dimensions in mm



1 000 x 1 300

9 kW

Ortho Swir 9

2 000 x 1 200


Ortho Swir 12

2 000 x 1 500


Ortho Swir 16

Other dimensions, other power : on request

Example of heating time on polyethylene plate:

Thickness Heating temperature
Heating time
3 mm
185°C xx min
5 mm
185°C xx min
8 mm 185°C xx min
10 mm 185°C xx min

Electrical Control

  • Regulation by infrared pyrometer without contact on the thermoforming plate.
  • Short-wave infrared lamps for speed, precision and temperature homogeneity


  • Cold wall oven (double skin).
  • Safety at opening with automatic lamp shutdown
  • Cart on wheels
  • PTFE plate or remove the polyethylene


  • 2 heating zones
  • Touch screen
  • Multi-language user interface

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