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Designed for research laboratories and industrial R&D departments.

Specifically designed for the heating of plates and fabrics in the fields of technical textiles, composites, painting.

Laboratory Infrared Oven

Designed and manufactured in France specifically for laboratories by thermal professionals.

Instantaneous heat oven, fast and even over the entire surface without the need for preheating.

Possibility of carrying out several tens of cycles per day because of its almost zero inertia.

Very precise regulation (via pyrometer and automaton) of the product temperature.

Ecological oven with high energy saving.

Maximum temperature of 500°C.

Heating area 450x450mm

Dimensions 900x700x H. 1900mm

Some areas of application :

Composites, textile, paint, heat treatment, food processing.

4 possible configurations in short- or medium-wave infrared :

-1 x 6 kW (on one side)

-2 x 6 kW (on both sides)

-1 x 12 kW (on one side)

-2 x 12 kW (on both sides)

Other dimensions, other powers : on request.

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Examples of heating times on different types of materials.

Heating temperature 100°C 150-200°C 400°C
PEEK composite 2 to 5 minutes
Polypropylene composite 1 to 2 minutes
Painted steel or aluminum plate <1min
Textile drying <1 min
PVC gelling <1 min
  • Electrical Control

    • Regulation by infrared pyrometer without contact on the product to be tested.
    • Cycle and recipe management via a PLC and a 7″ color touch screen.
    • Possibility to retrieve the temperature recording curves via a USB key in Excel format.


    • Cold wall oven.
    • Safety device when opening with automatic stop of the heating.
    • Cart on fixed legs or wheels.

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