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Infrared radiation passes through the ambient air without heating it and is transformed into heat when it comes into contact with bodies. This technology is adaptable to your process.

Give some color to your products, Make them appetizing!

Infrared technology is increasingly used in the food industry for gratinating, crusting, braising, cooking, pasteurizing…

Our range of infrared products is adaptable to your process (temperature, cooking time, product appearance).

We create infrared panels, ovens and tunnels that fit your needs. Our test laboratory allows our thermal engineers to choose the right technology according to your product and your expectations.

Speed up your lines, improve the quality and appearance of your products, save energy!

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Toasting and browning oven
of ready-made / frozen meals

The infrared technology allows you to grill ready meals in their trays.

In a few seconds, your dish becomes appetizing

Baking with our infrared tunnels allows to heat only the surface without heating the whole dish.

four infrarouge agroalimentaire
four infrarouge agroalimentaire cuisson pizza

Infrared tunnel for grilling pizzas, sandwiches and snacks

Infrared technology allows you to:

  • gratinate your pizzas or your snacks,
  • Melt the cheese on the surface to give a gourmet look to your products,
  • fix the toping by heating only the surface without heating the inside of your product.

Infrared oven for braising meat products

You can give color to your meat/fish with infrared technology.

The low inertia of the Sopara infrared ovens allows you to switch from one production to another, for example from ham to fish, without fear of overheating the more fragile product.

By braising your meats with infrared heaters, you avoid heating the whole product, you do not heat the core and therefore your product does not lose weight.

four infrarouge industriel agroalimentaire, cuisson plat préparé

Infrared oven for cheese crusting

Protect your cheeses by creating a natural rind with infrared radiants.

four infrarouge agroalimentaire

Infrared oven for the pasteurization of packaged products

The infrared technology allows :

  • to heat the surface of the product through the packaging
  • to increase the shelf life.

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