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Infrared gas heaters for preheating or maintaining the temperature of forging tools

SOPARA is a specialist in thermal processes using electric and gas infrared radiation. It is active in the forging sector as well as in the automotive, composites, paint, textile and food industries.

The advantages of infrared over a traditional heating system:

  • Energy saving
  • Uniform heating
  • Controlled final temperature
  • Reduced heating time
  • Quick and easy installation and positioning

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What are gas infrared solutions?

Infrared is generated by the combustion of gas in the refractory support which releases energy in the form of radiation. The use of an infrared heater allows a very fast and homogeneous heating of the forging tools. The power of a gas heater can vary according to the need from 100 to 250 kW/m². All systems made by SOPARA are in conformity with CE standards.

The gas heaters can be placed directly between the tools in open position, either on the machine (press or hammer) or on the magazine.

The gas heaters are available in all sizes in single or double sided. In double-sided heating, the minimum opening of the tool must be 200mm.

Concrete examples of tool preheating

Tools on store :

heating of 2 steel tools of 400x400x250mm (≈ 310 kg/unit) spaced 200mm apart with an infrared gas heater of 350x350mm.

Balance sheet thermal balance:

Consumption: 18 kWh (1.8 Nm3 )

Heating time: 15 min

Heating up of upper tool : 165°C

Low tool heating: 155°C

Energy efficiency 51%.

Tooling on press :

Heating of 2 steel tools of 600x400x300mm (≈ 560 kg/unit) spaced 300mm apart with an infrared gas heater 500x300mm.

Balance sheet thermal balance:

Consumption: 60 kWh (6 Nm3 )

Heating time: 60 min

Heating up of upper tool: 260°C

Lower tool heating: 270°C

Energy efficiency 43%.


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