Lacquer and varnish curing on glass Compact equipment using infrared or ultraviolet Prototyping oven and production oven Very fast drying and curing : 2 to 5 minutes Very low energy […]


  Drying and polymerization of water-based coating Realization of pre-impregnated material and polymerization of different coatings (acrylic paints, resins…) High-performance short-wave or medium-wave infrared with low inertia Compact equipment with integrated […]

Drying and Curing of Coatings

The Sopara Infrared Tunnels and ovens designed for Paint Curing, Infrared Drying Paint and Powder Paint Gelling are already used the largest European companies . Here are our skills: Water-based […]


  Electric infrared oven for oak toasting   Conveyor oven for oak toasting (staves) Double-zone medium-wave infrared heating : roasting and temperature maintenance Conveyor with adjustable speed Temperature control with an optical […]


Infrared technology is increasingly used in the food industry: roasting, crusting, braising, cooking, stabilization … Our range of infrared products is ajustable to your process (temperature, cooking time, product appearance). […]