Heating of thermoplastic composites before stamping

  • Heating of all types of glass fiber or carbon fiber sheets and fabrics
  • Production oven or research lab oven
  • Evolutive oven capable of heating all types of thermoplastic composites : PP, PA6, PA66, PET, PEI, PEEK, etc…
  • Infrared heater with low inertia for fast and precise heating with live power regulation
  • Horizontal ou vertical heating
  • Cycle time from 30 to 120 seconds depending on the product
  • Energy consumption much lower than when using convection only

Thermocompression of carpets and sound-proof materials

  • Heating of carpets and heavy masses
  • Short-wave or medium-wave infrared heaters with low inertia for fast and precise heating
  • Single- or double-sided heating enabling a cycle time from 30 to 60 seconds
  • Multiple zones with the possibility to locally heat heavy mass patches
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Robust equipment necessiting nearly no maintenance

Thermoforming of plastic sheets

  • Heating of plastic sheets of all types and all thicknesses
  • Short-wave or medium-wave infrared heaters with low inertia for fast and precise heating
  • Multiple zones for an optimal setting of the temperature and the product elongation
  • Very low energy consumption. 50% saving compared to the use of long-wave infrared ceramic platelets
  • Robust equipment necessiting nearly no maintenance

Pultrusion and reinforced extrusion

  • Realization of continuous composite profiles
  • Insertion of composite reinforcements in extruded profiles
  • Fast and precise heating of one or more bands:
    • 10 to 50m/min for thermoplastic pultrusion
    • 3 to 6m/min for reinforcement of extruded profiles
  • High heating efficiency for all types of thermoplastics
  • Robust equipment necessiting nearly no maintenance
  • Easy acess to the oven with safe openings

Thermoplastic filament winding

  • Realization of 3D composite tanks and parts
  • Fast and precise heating with:
    • automatic adaptation to the process speed variations from 0 to 20m/min
    • instant start and shutdown
  • Compact equipment
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance costs

Mirror welding and bonding

  • Reactivation and polymerization of the glue
  • Suitable for 2D and3D parts
  • Possibility to spare specific zones
  • No pre-heating needed
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Mirror welding of plastic or composite parts
  • Very fast heating (5 to 15 seconds) without pre-heating
  • High power density on both sides to be welded
  • Possibility to spare specific zones
  • 2D or 3D infrared heater
  • Inertia < 1 second

Polymerization and post-curing of thermoset materials

  • Polymerization of 2D and 3D thermoset parts
  • Post-curing and desolvation of parts made of thermoset resin
  • Instant heating oven – no pre-heating needed
  • Precise regulation of the surface temperature of parts
  • Compact equipment
  • Low energy consumption
  • Non-ATEX oven with solvent waste extraction