Short-Wave Infrared

Infrared radiation travels through the air without warming it up and turns into heat once in contact with a substance (object or body).

  • Uniform heating of fragile products, painting on steel and plastic, drying after coating, heating of thermoset materials
  • Heating of conveyed products or local heating
  • Treatment area from a few square inches to several square meters
  • Drying of paper, polymerization and drying after coating, heating of thermoplastic composites…
  • Indoor or outdoor heating ; heating of stock material, polymerization of thermoset materials

Technical data:

  • Tungsten filament in a tube filled with a neutral gas (halogen)
  • Filament temperature: > 2000°C
  • Inertia: 1 second
  • Power density: 5 to 500 kW/m²
  • Electric technology only

Medium-Wave Infrared

Dryer with individual settings for each zone, long life

Implantation in ovens and tunnels, or to boost existing equipment

  • Vaporization of liquids
  • Coating of plastic, textile, paper…
  • Processing of plastic materials, thermoforming
  • Thermal treatment for the food industry
  • Activation of adhesive materials, lamination…
  • Pre-drying and heating
  • Drying of printing ink on sheetfed offset machine
  • Gelling of plastic materials
  • Plastic welding

Technical data:

  • Surface temperature: 700°C < T < 1200°C
  • Inertia: 10 seconds to 2 minutes
  • Power density: 5 to 70 kW/m²
  • Electric or gas technology

Long-Wave Infrared

Heating of plastic materials on thermoforming lines

Technical data:

  • Surface temperature: 300°C < T < 700°C
  • Inertia: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Power density: 5 à 40 kW/m²
  • Radiation yield 60%
  • Electric or gas technology