Sopara’s short-wave infrared heaters are known for:

  • its energy performance
  • Its robustness
  • Its very short inertia (1 second!)
  • Its easy and precise regulation
  • Its power range

PAINT’IRCPaint'IRC Sopara - Infrared shortwave heater

  • Low power density from 5 to 30 kW/m²
  • For a uniform heating of fragile products, painting on steel and plastic, drying after coating, heating of thermoset materials
  • Indoor or outdoor heating ; heating of stock material, polymerization of thermoset materials
  • Short-wave infrared for painting

IND’IRCIND'IRC Sopara - Shortwave Infrared

  • Medium power density from 30 to 100 kW/m²
  • Heating of conveyed products or local heating
  • Short-wave infrared panel

SM’IRCSM'IRC Sopara - Infrared Heater Industry

  • High power density from 60 to 200 kW / m²
  • Local heating of a small area
  • Reactivation of glue, heating of wires or heating of conveyed profiles
  • Short-wave infrared

IRC CERAIRC Cera Sopara - infrared shortwave heater industry

  • High power density from 30 to 500 kW / m²
  • Surface area from a few square inches to several square meters
  • Drying of paper, polymerization and drying after coating, heating of thermoplastic composites
  • Short-wave infrared

SOP’ZONE RANGEsop'zone Sopara - shortwave Infrared heater inside

  • Indoor or outdoor heating, heating of stock material
  • Polymerization of thermoset materials
  • Short-wave infrared for your cosiness
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