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Medium-wave infrared heater intended to work in average conditions of power density, temperature (100°C max. ambient) and high humidity (double insulated installation required).

Insulation and frames specific to the food industry.

  • Small heaters < 1,5 m
  • Very low inertia < 5 seconds,
  • High radiation efficiency > 90
  • Medium and high density up to 60kW / m²

*Suitable for humid environments.

Technical specifications

Medium-wave infrared heater (2.6 microns) integrating :

  • 1 heating drawer equipped with low inertia corrugated ribbons (≈5 seconds) attached to
    a non-fibrous insulator used in the food industry.
  • A stainless steel frame + fixing points equipped with insulators (assembly type
    double insulation).
  • Stainless steel connection on insulators.
  • Heater with or without front grill.

Standard dimensions

Other dimensions, power and voltage on request.

Length x WidthPowerVoltageIntensityReference
640X172 3500W 115V 31A MF3.5FM06417
780X172 4000W 115V 31AMF4.0FM07817
1000X172 6000W 200V 35A MF6.0AM10017
1220X172 7000W 230V 33A MF7.0PM12217
1220X172 7000W
430V 19A MF7.0VM12217

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