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Our PAINT’IRC module has been designed to restore the radiation of the short infrared tube in the best conditions of efficiency and homogeneity. It has been defined within the framework of power densities adapted to drying and baking of paints and coatings.

  • Low density 5 to 30 KW/m².
  • For homogeneous heating on fragile parts, painting on steel and plastic, drying of coating, heating of thermoset.

Technical specifications

  • Multi-faceted reflector in treated aluminum
  • PAINT’IRC layout : 150 x 425 mm mini.
  • Frame made of aluminium profiles H. 195mm,
  • 1 front grid.
  • Plug-in power supply.
  • Cooling of the tube and reflector by fans

Possibility of combining the modules by 2 or 3, or creating custom-made panels.

PAINT'IRC Module - 1 tube

Dimensions (mm)PowerVoltageReference
490x200x2001000 W230/240 V SPC1.0PM049020D
490x200x2001500 W230/240 V SPC1.5PM049020D
490x200x2002000 W230/240 V SPC2.0PM049020D

PAINT'IRC Module - 2 tubes

Dimensions (mm)PowerVoltageReference
490x400x200 2X1000 W230/240 VSPC2.0PM049040D
490x400x200 2X1500 W230/240 VSPC3.0PM049040D
490x400x200 2X2000 W230/240 VSPC4.0PM049040D
930x200x2002X1000 W230/240 VSPC2.0PM093040D
930x200x2002X1500 W230/240 VSPC3.0PM093040D
930x200x2002X2000 W230/240 VSPC4.0PM093040D

PAINT'IRC Module - 3 tubes

Dimensions (mm)PowerVoltageReference
530x490x2003X1000 W TRI+N230/240 VSPC3.0PM049053D
530x490x2003X1500 W TRI+N230/240 VSPC4.5PM049053D
530x490x2003X2000 W TRI+N230/240 VSPC6.0PM049053D

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