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SOP'zone: industrial infrared heating made in France

  • Short-wave infrared heater with high efficiency and very good homogeneity.
  • Heating in the building inside or outside; heating of stock, polymerization of thermoset.

Technical specifications

  • Multi-faceted treated aluminum reflector + aluminum frame
  • Possibility of stainless steel frames for food and livestock industries
  • 1 front protection grid
  • Power supply by wire 1.5ml + 230V plug (OPTION)
  • SWI tube in any position – Power 1000W, 1500W or 2000W
  • Clear (white light) or anti-glare (red light) tube


  • Instantaneous heat at occupant level.
  • Very high thermal efficiency.
  • Possibility of heating by zone, by detection and intermittently.
  • Precise and flexible control.
  • Very good heat distribution.
  • Fast temperature setting.
  • Significant energy savings.
  • No floor space required, easy to install and maintain (light and compact device).
  • Silent (no air movement).
  • Simple power supply.

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